First blog post ever! What this page is about?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Well first of all I planned to make my own portfolio website, but after I finished the portfolio part I thought that adding a blog into website would be a nice idea. So this first post is going to be a somewhat intro to my page.

Summer 2018, multiple exposure 35 mm, Tartu, Estonia

If you wonder what topics are going to be covered in the future the honest answer is: I don´t know yet. I do know that I am going to write about anything photography related what´s on my mind and about my "photo trips".

My story

I started taking photos when I was six years old, although I have not been taking pictures 24/7 since then. I am constantly learning new techniques on the internet, so I have not studied photography somewhere else. In fact my daytime job is not related to photography at all, but I have sold my soul to this little demon called "chemistry". I am living in Estonia hence English is not my first language #forgivememytypos.

Content Content Content!

I am not starting a personal blog type of thing so I am trying to minimize the non-photography related content. I am toning, I am not a professional photographer, although I would like to be one, so don´t excpect I don´t know Peter Mckinnon worthy content. I didn´t say I suck, but I am realistic and being a professional photographer takes a lot more than one blog post, self-learning on youtube and occasionally taking photos.

What kind of style photos are you going to see?

I like different styles and I am not fully dedicated to one photography style. I like taking abstract, fantasy, surreal photos, but this is more in winter, when the weather is too bad to go outside and I am spending more time photoshopping than actually taking photos. In the summertime I like visiting different beautiful and abandoned places and then I take more #urbex photos.

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