How I got started with photography?

Today I am telling you a story about how I started taking pictures.

Firstly, my first camera was an digital Olympus FE-115, which had only 5 mp. Unfortunately I don`t have any pictures to share that were taken with this camera. I got this camera when I was in fourth grade and used it mostly to take pictures of my classmates and friends. At the time it was an decent compact camera, but these days phones have more capability.

Since I had a lot of interest in photography I decided that I need an DSLR. I worked for a summer when I was 16 (2011) and saved up to buy Canon 1100d. I started taking pictures obviously and to be honest they totally sucked.

Here are some of my first photos ever taken with an DSLR... and hey please don`t judge.

5th picture ever taken with my first DSLR


666 devils number

I had no idea what settings to use in different lighting situations and did not know the basic composition rules. So after that summer I went to a photography club and started learning. The first year I had a teacher who gave me some basic photography knowledge. I learned how to develop my own film in dark room. Learned a lot about composition etc.

Did my pictures instantly get better? NO

I still sucked and I think I still have so much to learn after 8 years constantly taking pictures, 8 years is actually a really small time frame when it comes to photography. It is something you learn throughout your whole life. ..sounds cheesy I know.

Some of my pictures after I had been going to a photo club for few months.

Don´t get me even started.

As you can see these are far from perfect. I did choose pretty random pictures and didn´t edit them with my current skills. I mostly shot jpeg 8 years ago, I was like what RAW, it´s pointless. Stupid, I know!

Second year in this photo club I had a different teacher. I mean she was great, but she was totally honest about my photos. When she didn´t like the picture she said "This is a very bad picture and I don´t even know why you chose this for us to show". At that time it was tough to hear, but I guess she was right, because when I look my old pictures now..I see so many things that are completely off. Actually now I am really critical about my pictures and this is one of the reasons I didn´t want to make career out of being a photographer. But the times have changed and I would love to do it for living. Will I actually do it full-time someday? Probably not, maybe, I don´t know.


I will add one final picture from my second year owning an DSLR.

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